Sofa Cleaning - Food Stain Removal in Bedford

Our client has several young kids who use the sofa daily;

The sofa was heavily soiled with food and drink stains including;

* Ketchup

* Milk

* Cooked food

* Fizzy drinks

* Grubby hands

We tested the material the sofa was made from for colour fastness and durability after completing these checks we were ready to start cleaning.

We started by pre-spotting the sofa and softly agitating our solution into the material and stained areas of the sofa - we then gently used HOT WATER EXTRACTION to remove the pre-spotting solution and the loosened up stains at the same time.

We repeated this process several times to get the results our BEFORE & AFTER shows.

We had to be careful with the type of solution and brushes we used on the sofa so to avoid any damage but still get the very best improvement possible.

Before & After Sofa Cleaning - Food Stain Removal

Slow motion sofa cleaning

If you would like a free quote for the price of sofa cleaning - food stain removal in Bedford from a reliable carpet cleaning company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.

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